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  1. I have never heard or met any girl thinking like that
  2. na aisa waqiya suna hau and why would i tell my size i wont
  3. i m just in school doing Alevels aisa kch ni hua hai
  4. letter sab girls k parents ko hua hta hai padha ni tha shopping for bra ki gai thu
  5. Never had sex but first time bra jab pehni thi when I was 13 14 and class teacher called me and aik letr dia tha Jo k class k har student ki dia tha Meri mom to thi nai phr dad ko hi dia tha it was sealed to padha nai tha phr dad neh phupi k ha leave Kia tha waha she took me on shopping
  6. Just itna idea hua hai he likes me but problem is his brother likes me aswell kahin woh as bhabi type veiw main na daikhain
  7. Why the admin doesn't approve msgs in time and the msgs should be on real time impact so that it should get interested rather than the msg is delivered after 2 days
  8. I haven't seen nor heard yeh sochkar hi bura how could u guys think like that
  9. Then what do you mean by that wasi
  10. U guys kaisay sochlaitay Hain apni wife ya gf ki sister k sath its like ham apnay bf ya husband k Bhai k sath sochay yuckkkk
  11. @tahirzman what do u mean
  12. Well people love their family and study same I would do why is that so hard.
  13. Well that's abt it focussed on him and career
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