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  1. Dear Admin, I have transferred another amount of PKR 600 to Mr. Usman saeed's account. Please transfer relevant exchange usd amount to my Urdufunclus account. Transfer type: Bank Transfer Transaction no: 314095374424 Date: 24.02.22 Time: 9:30 am Receipt attached Thanks
  2. Dear Admin, I was trying to do subscription of USD 10 for my account, Usd 9 was deducted from my balance and rest I was trying to pay from debit card but payment got failed. Usd 9 also got deducted from my account. Please refund usd 9 to my account or let me know how much extra PKR I can transfer to upgrade my account. Thanks
  3. Dear Admin, Any update on my account upgradation? Thanks
  4. Dear Admin, Please find below details as requested. Transaction no: 480814324401 Transaction type: Bank Transfer Transfer date: Feb 16th Time: 00:32 hours Receipt attached Thanks
  5. Dear Admin, It's more than 36 hours but till now my account is not upgraded. Kindly do the needful. Thanks
  6. Dear Admin, I have transferred usd 10 to Mr. Usman saeed's account, transaction #480814324401. Please change status of my account. Thanks
  7. dear friends i want to share a problem. In urdufunclub inpage written stories i saw this problem. In lats of post on a pic of 125 bike is shown while story pics are not available. Now what I have to do?
  8. dear friens I need a help about premium member ship of urdufnclub.I have sent premium member ship in admin's UBL account and i also sent an information about my account to admin at his email address [email protected] but 36 hours have passed i did't receive any information from admin. Now i have to wait or contact to admin or i have to contact admin on some other email. please inform me
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