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aishwarya and wwe stars game continued

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but Ash promised them tat into those two days she will surely give them an chance to fuck her.

Now all the three went to shower and cleaned each others body giving special care to Ash's boobs and came naked from the shower and suddenly The Miz made his appearance to the room and on seeing Aishwarya in tat position naked he was bowled over and more over like all americans he too had an like over indian women and so he directly pounced on Ash. Ash knew tat she to satisfy him as well as him being an superstar but the time was running away. So she anyway kissed him deep in his lips and took his penis and jerked him off and promised him to give an chance once she finishes her assignment in stage.Now after tat steamy encounter wit those three superstars now it was time for Aishwarya to make herself present in the stage for promoting her products. So hurriedly put on her dress and even wore an waist chain in order to make her more appealing in front of the american crowd and moved towards the ring. Once Aishwarya reached the ramp she was given an thunderous welcome and Ash saw tat all the three were following her like an dog.

So now Aishwarya entered into the wrestling ring and addressed herself to the whole crowd and all the men in crowd and commenters were bowled over my looks of Aishwarya and kept their mouth open seeing her. After addressing herself to the crowd she started to advertise the products which she had bought along wit her & while advertising those products she was completely enjoyed by those three guys according to the products she was promoting. Like wen Aishwarya was advertising for and hair removing cream Mark henry sticky removed her saree and lifted her thighs and the miz, Kane removed her blouse and bra roamed their hands over them to show the features of it and while for lips stick they just quickly kissed her in lips one after other and completely enjoying her in public. ASH Was really enjoy this as she knew tat these videos will cut off before telecast and so she didn't mind it and completely enjoying it. And suddenly an intro music started to play.

And it was none other then it was The Game Triple H the COO of wwe. Aishwarya Rai really liked triple h but was scared to see him person and tat too in the position she was. Triple H quickly entered into ring and ordered all the three superstars to leave at once. But they rejected to leave. On hearing to it Ash became really happy as she has her own sex toys to help her here. But Triple H being the complete authority of Wwe organsition asked them to leave at once or else they will be dismissed. On hearing these words they had no other go but to leave.

TRIPLE H spoke to Ash directly and began to praise her beauty and her style and roamed her hands over her waist and her waist chain. Ash was totally man handled in front of huge crowd but if u come inside an wwe ring whom ever u may be u can't escape. Already Ash was made topless by The Miz which was more disadvantage to her. Now Triple H came near her ears and said tat, "I really like ur beauty and i want to enjoy it right here right now" Ash knew tat this kind of thing will happen for sure but she wasn't ready to do an sex session in public as it may leak out and cause her probs in both personal and business life and so she rejected and tried to leave the ring but before she could do Triple H ordered to cover the ring wit steel cage and the ring automatically got shifted into an bed. So now Aishwarya had no place to escape and more over now Triple H was the boss of Wwe so it was no way to reject him and so she had to accept it.

So Aishwarya on her own lied into the bed which was offered and Triple H gave an wicked smile and removed his dress and ordered to off the light of the arena to give privacy. Triple H soon gave an real hard kiss on her lips which was really causing pains to Ash but she tried to avoid them and rather surrender herself and enjoy and again took first step & put her tongue in to his mouth. TRIPle H was blown away by her guts and they carried out their french kiss for ten mins and her continued to kiss her in neck, nape and above breasts. Like all men breasts were the weakness of his and he immersed his face into her cleavage and kissed and licked all over her breasts and bitted her boobs giving many love marks and even chewed them to get milk and was even successful to get some milk and carried on down to her navel. It was the most navel he had ever seen in his life. Even his wife stephny's was not big and soon he inserted his tongue into her navel and licked it clean.

Now it was pussy which was to be enjoyed and soon he opened her pussy wit his hands and inserted his fingers into it nd started to finger fuck her. It was 1st some one doing to her and soon she liked it and within seconds she was into orgasms and juices started to flood out. TRIPLE H didn't miss this chance and licked all juices and drank them and even took his tongue into her pussy and fucked her wit it and it gave an rare feeling to her. Now just Ass remaining but before tat Triple H 9 inches weapon was standing tall and it needed some cooling off so He again told into her ears to suck his penis. Though Aish liked to be treated like an slut but in public she felt unsafe as it may cause probs to her marriage life and tat in front of 20,000 people it wasn't happening & she told him.

And he too accepted it and so wit the available dresses He slipped her away from ring to his room.

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یکم جنوری 2022 سے نئے رولز کو لاگو کر دیا گیا ہے ۔ تمام سائلنٹ ممبرز کو فورم پر کچھ سیکشن کی اجازت نہ ہو گی ۔ فری سیکشن پر مکمل پرمیشن کے لیے آپ کو اپنا اکاؤنٹ اپگریڈ کرنا ہو گا ۔ اپگریڈ کرنے کی فیس صرف 5 ڈالر سالانہ ہے ۔ آپ کو صرف 5 ڈالر کی سالانہ ادائیگی کرنا ہو گی ۔ اور آپ کا اکاؤنٹ ایک سال کے لیے ایکٹو ہو جائے گا۔

Now Triple H hurriedly lifted Aishwarya to his special room and dropped her in the king size bed present. He was on cloud nine and couldn't control himself but there was more to go. He hadn't got the priced mouth job from Aishwarya Rai and he wanted it badly & so he went close to her and kept his trouser near her mouth. Aish knew wat was coming and she always like to suck penis so she quickly bought down his trousers to let his 8 inches penis & which was an real fat one. Without wasting anytime Aishwarya started to play wit his penis and roaming her hands own his balls and shaft which was giving shocks all over Triple H's body, then she jerked his penis real hard which made it to grow even longer and which started to build tension all over his penis shaft making him to breath for air. Once knowing tat he was building up in his penis, Ash took his penis into her mouth and rolled over her tongue over to lick his pre cum and kissed it, more over she lifted his balls wit her tongue and bit it softly wit her teeth all this made to jerk more. Now Aish know tat he is gonna leak out his cum any sec started to thrust her mouth in and out of his penis , soon her leaked out an load of cum which was consumed my Ash to her fullest extent. After tat beautiful mouth job Triple H and Aish were full tried so took an rest.

Triple H woke up and was really enjoying Aishwarya's nakedness and soon he wanted to enjoy her more so he went to the fridge and picked up vanilla ice cream nd choco syrup. He now went near Aish and removed her panty which was tight so Aishwarya helped him to remove it. So Triple H took an scoop of ice cream and dropped it into her pussy by opening its lips and added some choco syrup over it. Once ice cream was dropped into her pussy it sent shock waves all over her body. Now, triple H inserted his lips and started to lick the ice cream from her pussy. The ice cream added wit choco syrup and her love juices were giving an super taste to him which he hadn't enjoyed never before so he licked her pussy clean without showing any trace of ice cream in it & even Aish liked it as in the many sex she had she hadn't enjoyed like this never before. Now Triple H was ready to fuck her.

So he inserted condom over his penis as per her request and kept it near her pussy walls but he didn't insert it. But in Ash's pussy it was building up wit fire and she couldn't control tat feeling and so she pleaded him and scolded him to insert his penis into her. So Triple H started to insert all the ice cream was helping as an lubricant, helping his penis to move easily into her pussy. Firstly, he slowly inserted his penis but as time went he build up his pace and jerked her wit more speed. Ash was really liking it and started to moan real loudly and kept Triple H deep into cleavage and tied her legs over his back. In tat short period of fucked Ash got orgasm for two time and Triple H climaxed many a time. After an quick pussy fuck he got ready for her beautiful ass. So applied some gel over her anal to help easy movement of his penis. Aishwarya was scared but not many have entered into her anal region. After applying all the lubricant he kept his shaft over her anal and inserted real hard on the first time itself and continued in an rapid pace causing pain all over her body but she controlled them. Soon he climaxed and her Anus was flooding wit his sperms. They again took some rest.

After sometime Aishwarya tried to get up all her body were on huge pain of all the sex affairs wit three gaints but which she liked a lot. Now she slowly woke up but Triple H abruptly caught her. AISHWARYA was shivering because she didn't have strength for any more. But Triple H didn't want sex but something else.

TRIPLE H wanted to enjoy more of her naked body & so he asked her to do an naked dance for him alone & which he would record to see it wen he was alone missing her sex. AISH first rejected it but wit continuous requests she accepted it & dancede very sensously for Hips don't lie song which Triple H recorded every moment. Once all got over they both again took bath wit Aishwarya gifting him another mouth job and Triple H playing hard wit her boobs and lips by kissing them.

In the next one and half days she was fucked in all diff positions. Wit John Cena fucking her in gym while doing his push ups & the Chairman of Wwe steve Macman, the old bastard fucked her in air in his private jet, while Aishwarya keeping her promise to Mark Henry, Kane, The miz allowed them to group fuck her. Even the loser Santino Maraila got to fuck bcoz she took pity on him on his repeated requests.

But all these sex were worthly paid wit the WWE MANAGEMENT paying her 5 million dollars while the chairman seperately paid her 2 million more for her sex. While loreal paid her 2 million bcoz it was success for them.For her to it was success

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