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raveena tandon blackmailed part2

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Shinde smiled and said," Ab ki naa kaam ki baat.Main yeh tapes de doongaa aapko Raveenaji. Bas aapko parso raat yaani Sunday raat ko mere saath mere farmhouse par chalnaa hogaa, yehi satara men. Aapko mere liye dance karnaa padegaa kuch gaano par aur phir mere saath raat bhar sex karnaa padegaa. "

Raveena was burning in anger, but knew that she had no other choice. Raveena said," Theek hai main parso raat ko aapke saath chalungi, aapke liye dance karungi aur aapke saath raat bhar sex bhi karungi.Uske baad aap mujhe yeh tapes de denge."

Shinde said," Main yeh tapes aapko zaroor de dungaa."

Raveena said,"Ab main guesthouse waapas jaana chaahungi."

Shinde accompanied her to the car and told the driver to take her back to the guest house. Raveena sat in the car and left for the guesthouse. After a while, she reached the guesthouse and went to her room.

Once inside her room, Raveena sat on the bed. She was crying and tinking why the hell did she have the drink that evening. Had she not had the drink, she wouldn't have been in this mess. Now she was fully trapped by Jaidev Shinde. Now she thought what was in store for her. She now had to have sex with Jaidev Shinde. She felt like a slut. She decided to ignore the negative feelings and develop an attraction for him as she had to satisfy him sexually and make him happy because that was the only way she could get back the tapes and get out of the trap.

Raveena now started thinking about Jaidev Shinde. Jaidev Shinde, though about 47-48 years old, looked fit, was well built and tall, about 6ft or more than 6ft. He was dark skinned, had a moustache, had powerful eyes and a masculine voice. He could be thought about as a South Indian Hero. Raveena started preparing herself as if she was going to have sex with a South Indian Hero. Hours went by, as Raveena was immersed in her thoughts. Then she had her dinner, and then went off to sleep. The next day went normally, and was spent in work.

After the day's shooting, when Raveena was about to leave for the guest house, Shinde said to her," Raveenaji kal raat ki appointment yaad hai toh."

Raveena said," Haan yaad hai."

Shinde said," Theek hai toh main kal apne driver ko aapko lene bhejungaa raat ke 9:00 baje. Aur haan aap please Maharashtrian Kasta Saree pehen ke aaiyegaa. Aap bilkul phataaka lagti hai us saree mein."

Raveena said,"Theek hai wohi saree pehnoongi."

Then Raveena left for the guest house. On reaching the guest house, she went to her room, freshened up in the bathroom, got dressed and went down to the dining room to have her dinner. After finishing her dinner, she came back to her room, wore a nighty and went off to sleep.

The next day morning, Raveena woke up quite late at 11 am, as she did not have her shooting on the day. After waking up, she chilled out for some time sitting on the bed. Then she had her breakfast. Raveena was thinking so today is the day I have to sleep with the politician; I have to be a slut for him tonight. Then she decided to do yoga and meditation for sometime as she needed the stamina and endurance for the long night that she would have. After doing yoga and meditation for about an hour or so, she went to take her bath. After finishing her bath, she dressed up, and went down to have her lunch. After finishing lunch, she came back to her room, hit the bed and fell asleep. She

slept for quite some time. She woke up at 5:30 in the evening. She thought she needed to get moving, as she had 3 hours or so to get ready. Raveena then went to the bathroom and freshened up with a shower. After that, she came out, took out a Maharashtrian Kasta Saree, one of her outfits for the film. She wore the saree, wore bangles and a nose ring. Then she went down to have an early dinner.

After having her meal, she came back to her room, applied make up on her face, and lipstick on her lips.She saw herself in the mirror and realised that she looked like a Sexy Maharashtrian woman. It was 9 pm, and her mobile rang. It was Shinde. She picked up the call.

He said," Raveenaji aap taiyaar hai. Mera driver aapke guest house ke baahar wait kar rahaa hai."

Raveena said," Haan Shinde Saab main taiyaar hoon...abhi nikal rahi hoon."

Then she came out of her room, left the guest house and entered the car. The driver started the car. After a while, the car reached the farmhouse. At the farmhouse, Jaidev Shinde received Raveena. He told the driver to go home. Then he took Raveena inside.

Once inside, Jaidev Shinde hugged Raveena tightly and said," Aap kya Item lag rahi hai.Bilkul phataaka."

Raveena said,in a sexy and slutty tone," Itni bhi kya jaldi hai Shinde saab...thodaa to sabar kijiye. Aur haan mujhe aap mat boliye aur sirf Raveena boliye, Raveenaji nahin.

"Shinde was overwhelmed seeing Raveena was already in the mood and said,"Theek hai Raveena." He then asked her if she would like to have dinner. She said that she had her dinner. Shinde then told her to sit on the sofa in the sitting room, get comfortable and gave her a drink. Shinde went to the dining table to have a quick dinner, while Raveena was having her drink in the sitting room.After finishing his dinner, Shinde came back to Raveena. She had also finished her drink.

Shinde then told Raveena to come with her. He took her to the dining table and showed her packets having a few clothes for her.

Shinde said," Raveena tu is Kasta saree mein dance karegi-Helenji ke Hit gaana-Mungda Mungda mangta hai to aajaa. Main gaana lagaa doongaa. Phir tu is Pink nighty mein dance karegi-Kaanta lagaa gaane par. Phir tu in shirt, pant, jacket,tie,hat aur boots pehen kedance karegi aur striptease karegi-tere hi gaane par-Yeh kaali zehreeli raat-Aks picture ka gaana.

"Raveena said,"Theek hai. abhi shuru ho jaau."

Shinde said," Haan Ek minute main gaana lagaa detaa hoon. He then switched on the CD player, put on a CD and the song-Mungda started. Shinde sat on the sofa and started having his drink.Raveena started dancing. She moved her hips and body in a very sensuous and seductive way. She had a beer bottle too in her hand, and also sipped the drink a few times.

She also winkedand smiled at Shinde a few times and came near to him occasionally. Shinde grabbed her hips, pressed and squeezed them, and also made her sit on his lap and tried to kiss her. She escaped from his arms, and continued her dance, maintaining eye contact with Shinde. Shinde was getting aroused. Finally the song came to an end. Then Shinde gave her the pink nighty and told her to go inside and wear it. After a few minutes, Raveena came . She was now wearing the pink nighty. Shinde took out the first CD and inserted another CD. He again took his place on the sofa. The song-Kaanta lagaa started.Raveena again started dancing. She made sexy gestures towards

Shinde, winked at him, blew flying kisses, played with her hair.

Shinde also came up,danced with her at times. He was really enjoying himself. Finally the song came to an end.Then Shinde gave her a packet having the shirt,tie, pant,jacket, boots and hat, and told her to go in and change. After a few minutes, Raveena came wearing the Hat, Jacket, Shirt, Tie, Pant and Boots.Shinde took out the CD and inserted another CD. He took his place on the sofa and started to have his drink. The song-Yeh Raat started. Raveena started dancing,first slowly, then increasing her speed and rhythm. Shinde was now in awe of Raveena.

Raveena slowly started removing one item after another. First she took off the Hat. Then she took off the jacket. She danced like that for a while, then she took off the tie. After a while, she unbuttoned her shirt and then took off the shirt. She was now wearing her bra, and her boobs were exposed to Shinde. He was feeling the heat. He opened a few buttons of his shirt. Raveena then took off the pant. She was now wearing only bra and panty. Her fat ass and thunder thighs were making Shinde more wild.S he danced like that for a while. Then she took off her bra and panty, and danced naked. Finally the song came to an end. Raveena had done striptease for Shinde and Raveena was now totally nude.

Seeing her like that, Shinde unzipped his pant, his cock had become big in his underwear. Shinde slowly got up, came to Raveena and said,"Tu kya Mast Item hai Raveena.Tu International Maal hai.Raveena mere kapde utaar de. Main chaahtaa hoon ki tu mere kapde utaar de aur mujhe nangaa kar de."

Raveena felt proud and a sense of sexual power and authority now.Raveena then opened his buttons and took off his shirt. Then she took off his ganjee. Shinde was now bare chested. He had a good,broad chest and his chest was hairy too.Raveena then opened his belt and took off his pant. She then took off his underwear too.

Raveena was really impressed seeing his big cock. Now Shinde was also nude. Now both Raveena and Shinde were nude and completely exposed to each other.

Shinde said,"Tu Moti bhi hai aur Sexy bhi."

Shinde then took Raveena in his arms. Shinde held her face in both his hands and turned it towards his face. Raveena's lips parted and her hands came to rest on his hips as Shinde bent down to kiss her honey sweet lips. Her hands soon grabbed him from behind in tight embrace. Shinde held her from her back and tightened his grip on her,crushing her beautiful breats hard on his chest. A soft sigh escaped from her mouth.

Shinde stroked her hair for a few moments. Then Shinde moved her away from him and again placed his lips on hers. This time it was a real passionate kiss. Raveena could now feel his tongue go inside her mouth for which she opened her mouth a little more and after some time, even she put her tongue in his mouth and they started sharing a perfect French Kiss. Raveena's hands slowly rose from his back to his head, her fingers running through his hair. Shinde was moving his hands all over Raveena's back. His hands moved down to her waist and as he grabbed her buttocks, her grip tightened on his back. Shinde slowly moved his hand upwards sliding through her hips, up her belly.and then cupped her breast.Shinde began squashing her breasts. Raveena was letting out silent moans of pleasure in her sexy and husky voice.

Then Shinde released her and took her by her hand to the sofa and made he her sits on her knees. Shinde sat on the sofa, infront of her.

He said," Chal ab mera lund apne muh mein le aur chus ise."

Raveena looked at his cock in amazement. It was a real big cock about 11-12 inches long and also thick. Then Raveena held his huge cock in her hand,caressed it,stroked it and gave soft kisses on it. Then she opened her mouth wide and took the cock inside her mouth. Raveena started giving Blow Job to Shinde.At first slowly,but gradually increasing the pace.

Shinde was getting real pleasure and was saying,"oh oh kya chusti hai tu..mazaa aa rahaa hai."

Finally Raveena swallowed the whole load of cum and released his cock from her mouth.

Her mouth was now full of cum, some even dribbling out of her mouth and falling on her boobs. They rested for a while. Then Shinde got up, picked up Raveena and put her on the sofa, with her legs spread over both sides of the sofa's arm. Now her legs were stretched and her pussy was well exposed. At first, Shinde caressed and tickled her navel, getting her aroused. Then he kissed her navel. Raveena moaned a bit loudly,"oh oh,"

Then Shinde put his finger in her pussy.He moved his finger inside her pussy and made her go crazy with pleasure. She was now moaning, laughing, and experiencing erotic pleasure.

Raveena was moaning,"Oh I love it oh god!"

After a while, Shinde took his finger out, and started licking her pussy with his tongue. He licked her pussy really passionately and was tasting the juices coming out of her cunt.

Raveena was moaning in her husky voice,"ooh aah ui maa."

He kept licking her pussy for sometime, tasting all her juices. Then he stopped it. They both rested on the sofa for a few minutes.

Then after a few minutes, Shinde got up and told Raveena to get up, and get into doggy postion. Raveena quickly got up from the sofa, and got on fours on the carpet floor. She thrust her bottoms out presenting her pussy to him.

Shinde said," Ab main teraa Gaand maarungaa.Shinde grabbed her hips and held her by her waist. He positioned his hugecock head near her cunt lips and rubbed his cock head along the slit up and down. She felt really good when he rubbed his cock on her slit and was moaning with pleasure and as she could not hold any longer she yelled to him and said,

"Oh Shinde Saab chod dijiye mujhe,chod dijiye mujhe,phaad dijiye mujhe."

With a powerful lunge he thrust his penis into her cunt. Raveena moaned out loudly in extreme pain and erotic pleasure as she felt his thick long penis forcing its way into her

cunt. She was silent and then started panting wildly as he held her hips firmly and was fucking her steadily with long slow powerful thrusts.

He had complete control of her entire body now and was fucking steadily. His arms were now around her back and his hands were squeezing her nipples gently. Raveena let out moans as the fucking became more and more furious. Her moans became screams, louder and louder. Her tits bounced up and down with every up thrust of his dick. Shinde then pushed Raveena on her breasts and began to fuck her earnestly . He was like a man possessed. He shoved the entire length of his cock into her time and again, thrusting in and out non stop. All the time she screamed for more.

Raveena was on the verge of coming and started shouting and screaming,"Shindeji chod dijiy mujhe, main aapki aurat hoon."Raveena climaxed.Shinde grasped her hips and worked his cock in and out of her tender little pussy. Raveena's vagina was aching and paining.Shinde started to fuck Raveena harder and harder.

Shinde grabbed Raveena by her waist and started pounding his love machine deep into her.Then he climaxed, and came forcefully. When he pulled out of her pussy, the thickness of his manhood caused it to remain gaping open for a while. Shinde also sat beside her and wrapped her in his arms.

Then he said," Teri choot kitni garam hai.Aur teraa toh laajawaab hai. Mazaa aagayaa tere mote gaand ko chodne mein. Tu kya garam cheez hai Raveena."

Raveena said," Thank you Shinde Saab.Aapne bhi solid gaand maari meri. Bahut achha lagaa, mazaa aarahaa thaa."

Then Shinde started kissing her cheeks, ears. forehead, nose and lips. He was also caressing her back. Raveena was also caressing his back. Then Shinde took her out of his arms, and started squeezing and pressing her breasts and nipples. Then he started sucking her nipples. He was sucking her nipples very nicely and gently. Raveena was going crazy with pleasure. She was moaning. He kept sucking for quite sometime. Then Shinde gave a few soft bites on her boobs.

Raveena shouted in joy, "Ouch." Then he left her.

Raveena said," Shinde Saab aapne kitni khubsurti se chusaa mere nipples ko. Mazaa


A few moments later, Shinde said,"Raveena chal ab bedroom mein chalet hai.Wahaan main tujhe pyaar karungaa.Mazaa aayegaa tujhe."Then Shinde and Raveena,walked to the bedroom,hand in hand.As they reached the bedroom,Raveena saw that the bedroom was decorated beautifully, and the bed had rose petals all over it.

Shinde put her on the bed and said,"Kaisa lagaa bedroom,ab main tere saath suhaagraat manaaungaa."

Then he put Raveena on the bed and asked her to lie on her chest. Now Shinde started playing with Raveena's bare back, kissing, caressing, licking, biting, tickling. Raveena was enjoying immensely. It went on for a few minutes. Then Shinde made Raveena move around, and made her lie on her back. Shinde then slowly spread Raveena's legs. He came in between her legs and positioned himself on top of her in between her legs and his cock was close to her pussy and he was ready to fuck her cunt.

Raveena bit her lip as Shinde's huge cock touched her clits and parted them and her hands came over his hips as he slowly entered her.Shinde said,"Ohhh!! kya mast choot hai teri.Ek dum garam."

He gave a bit more force.Raveena' s body arched and she threw back her head lifting up her chest.Shinde took her nipples in his mouth and started sucking them hard.Shinde then slowly pushed his hips and the head of his cock was almost inside Raveena's cunt.Raveena yelled,"unhhh! !!Noo.Aapkaa lund bahut badaa hai aur motaa

bhi."The cock head was now fully inside her.

He kept on stroking her hair and interchaanged her nipples and sucked them and occasionally kept kissing her.Shinde made a strong move and forced his huge cock deep inside Raveena and half of his cock was now inside her tight cunt.Raveena began to shout and moan in pain,"aahh no!"He placed his hands under her shoulder and grabbed her tightly so that she couldnot move at all and also put his complete weight on her body.Shinde again made a powerful move and forced his cock.

This time Raveena threw her head back and yelped,"Aaaggh! " and Shinde's cock was now fully inside her cunt.Raveena dug her nails in his back and tried to push him off but he was very strong and did not move off her.She was moaning loudly.Shinde held her like that for somtime and then he took out his cock.

Raveena said,"Shinde Saab aapne toh mujhe maar hi daala.Aapne meri choot ko phaad daala."

Shinde then slept beside her,wrapping her in his arms,and said,"Raveena tu garam cheez hai.Main teraa bahut badaa fan hu,teri pehli film ke time se chaahtaa hu tujhe,aur jabse tune Agnivarsha aurSatta mein garam sceneskiye,tabse tujhse sex karnaa chaahtaa tha.Mujhe toh mazaa aayaa,tujhe mazaa aayaanaa.Meri lund kaisi lagi tujhe.Tere pati se badaa hai.

"Raveena said,"Bahut mazaa aayaa.Aapka lund ekdum mast hai-lambaa aur motaa.Mere pati ka lund aapke lund se chhotaa hai."Then they went off to sleep.

The nextday morning,they wokeup,quite late.Then had breakfast together.Jaidev Shinde told Raveena that she will stay with him at his farm house for the next 10 days that the film would take to complete shooting.Raveena agreed.He said that he'll give back the tapes to her after reaching Mumbai.Shinde also gave her a contraceptive pill so that she doesn't get pregnant.Raveena then dressed up,and left in Shinde's car to go to the guesthouse,get ready and report for shooting.

The next 10 days, Raveena stayed with Jaidev Shinde at his farm house, and had sex with him every night.She had started liking Jaidev Shinde's making love to her.At the end of 10 days, after the shoting schedule was over,Jaidev Shinde gifte Raveena a diamond necklace as a token of his love, and also gave her back the tapes of her sex scene with Nana. Shind and Raveena decided to stay in touch after going back to Mumbai, as both of them lusted and desired each other and needed each other badly to satisfy their physical needs.

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کچھ ممبرز مسلسل  رومن اردو میں کمنٹس کر رہے ہیں جن کو اپروول کی بجائے مسلسل ڈیلیٹ کیا جا رہا ہے ان تمام ممبرز کو مطلع کیا جاتا ہے کہ یہ کمنٹس رولز کی خلاف ورزی ہے فورم پر صرف اور صرف اردو میں کیئے گئے کمنٹس ہی اپروول کیئے جائیں گے اپنے کمنٹس کو اردو میں لکھیں اور اس کی الائمنٹ اور فونٹ سائز کو 20 سے 24 کے درمیان رکھیں فونٹ جمیل نوری نستعلیق کو استعمال کریں تاکہ آپ کا کمنٹ با آسانی سب ممبرز پڑھ سکیں اور اسے اپروول بھی مل سکے مسلسل رومن کمنٹس کرنے والے ممبرز کی آئی ڈی کو بین کر دیا جائے گا شکریہ۔

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