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  1. It is completely unjustified upgarde option just within months apart. Make up your mind what you want to do it with this site. I have no problem before paying high price because of quality stories. Secondly you taking months to post new episodes. So roughly in a year how many episodes we can read. 2 or 3. Also not to forget to read those you also have to spend money on it. I still don't have any problem but please again requesting you to make up your mind, sorry but have to say its feel greedy. I usually don't say anything to your money maters but looks like you put your step on your fans/readers neck. Make things simpler. Put yearly prices once to enter on site and read all your updates without spending more. Even if its $100 or $200 a year. And please do not change further in just a month or two. After a year increase 5 or 10 percent. Upto you, you are the boss.
  2. Dear Admin I have not received update for your new site when it's changed. Last time time you said it's due to hotmail account, I changed this to Yahoo but still not receieved update when you change your website. Its took days to find out your new address by contantly google and posting request to other forums. Please let me know what is the real problem?
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